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RPE Rules

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RPE Rules

Post by FoxyFlowerz on Fri Jul 24, 2015 7:02 pm


  1. No Bulling.
    Bulling another player Can and will result in you being banned!
    Bulling or Harassment WILL NOT be tolerated. 
    This includes but isn't limited to Trolling about Grammar or spelling,
    Picking on new Role players. 

    If you are caught bulling or harassing another player or multiple players 
    you will first be warned. only one warning will be issued and you will be placed under a watch list and under a probationary period. if you are to harass or bully another player during this time you will be fully banned. 

    Bans can very between 48 Hrs To Forever Depending on the Degree of Harassment Crying or Very sad

  2. God Mod
    Nobody likes it! Nobody!
    Even if you are a God, Like Jesus, God, Zeus, Thor, Loki, Odin, ETC and so forth. 
    Everyone has a weakness, You can't dodge everything. 

  3. Language

    - English; Everyone speaks it. Please Keep it in English. 

    -Now we are not saying that you can not make your character Japanese, Russian or French.
    If you want to speak these language please go right ahead its 100% ALLOWED. However;
    If you choose to have your character speak in another language please Provide a Translation Everyone wants to enjoy your Role Play.
    Don't Have the translation? please Provide a Link so people can Read it. Makes life easier for everyone. 

    Swearing; Yes its allowed. The Site is 16+ and if you are too young to swear please leave! 

  4. Sexual Content
    So you want to put Sexual Content in your Role play, Hmm; Okay.. NO!

    What is Allowed

    -Joanna grabbed Sabrina upstairs to her bedroom where the two spent over 45 minutes together with the others hearing nothing but a few sounds

    No Explicit Content, Don't try and Describe What you are doing. This will Result in a warning and probation. and possibly a ban!

    No Children Sexual Content, If your Role Play Character is Under the Age of 18! Its 100% NOT ALLOWED! This will cause an Instant Banning!

    ( If You Really want to Do the Whole Sexual Content thing move it into the Chat/Private messages or log off and Use Skype or something)

  5. Killing Another Persons Character.
    Nope Still a No, Unless you ask the person if its okay with killing their Character. If they say they are leaving forever, or wont be on anymore, anything along that line, ask if you can kill off their character. but if they are just Going on vacation Don't! 


  6. Please don't make me add more rules Sad  


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